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Summers Day Ranch is tiny we occupy a scant 2.5 acres where you will find peace, quiet, beauty – flowers galore  a mere 20 minutes from exciting, magical, culturally-rich San Miguel de Allende Mexico 

  You can see movies, shop, go to the theatre or the library, visit the enchanting mercados, or just sit in Centro and enjoy the views. We offer both home and apartment rentals,we cater to retireesand anyone looking for a ranch stay.

 Did we mention that we have “Perpetual Spring” daily? Our weather is so sweet; balmy, with clear blue skies make every day a delight. ….80 degrees and 330 days of beautiful, sunny, dry heat.!
 It is a very attractive alternative to those longing for a vacation in a more tranquil, rural  ranch environment within easy reach of the city. Visit our gallery

 Please feel free to contact us with your questions. Or if you would like toRetire in Mexico

Retreat... Rewhat

Swirling clouds in violet haze reflect in

           Colors changing hue

Summers Day Ranch

Summers Day Ranch

Retreat,I always equated it as some kind of religious based notion of get away from the kids for a weekend. Here's another thought, sometimes we are so buried in our daily lives that we cannot see the trees, for the rest of the baggage in our lives. In my case it was a by chance happen stance [is that a word] sounds good though... I was busy being a businessman, one day I had to get my car serviced and thought on this cold winters day I would walk to the local coffee shop. Along the way through the deafening traffic noise I saw a tiny crocus peeking out from under a dirty snow bank, I realised it had been years since I was in a position to see a marvel such as that, that day I decided the way I was living was costing me too much of my life ... I needed to change, I did and within a year retired....that was 20 years ago...what a great gift, thanks to a crocus.  There are lots of reasons to get away perhaps a relationship, time for a career change, artists retreat to rethink their creativity.

One thing we have in common... time ...we eventually run out of it...every day is priceless...when time is limited.

Maybe it's time for a little quiet reflection.

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