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Artist Selection Process


Residency Overview
We offer a very unique program and therefore, we have a unique selection process! First let me say they are not free, but they are inexpensive if you qualify we offer a discounted rate of $800 per month per artist or if 2 artists share a Studio $600 each per month see our  Live in Art Studios
We welcome emerging artists, famous and exhausted professional artists, people that had artistic careers, but have been away from their craft for a while, nose-to-the-grindstone artists…and everyone making Beauty…that wants to come work, rest, refresh their process…we are very open to the ways an artist may use their time at the Ranch!

Residency Application
We offer our residencies and accept applications year round.
Our application process is simple, and we respond quickly.
We ask each applicant to share with us in writing, briefly, in what ways would time spent in our rural, very private environment here at Summers Day Ranch, and/or in the company of other artists should they desire, be beneficial to their process, their artwork, and their personal growth as an artist.
We request two professional references, perhaps people they have worked with and know their creative work (an instructor, a gallery owner, publisher, editor, etc, restaurant).  We don’t need letters of recommendation, just their name, profession/title, telephone number and email address.
We also request a small selection of photos of their work, a link to their web site, a few writing samples, or a small WAV file sample of their music.
If an applying artist is just beginning to find a way to their creative life, we ask for references from people they have worked with in some serious capacity that can help us understand and trust their intentions and goals within the structure of an artist residency.

At Summers Day Ranch, we offer the peace and beauty of a rural retreat, egrets and cormorants on the wing, situated in the fertile valley between the Los Picacho mountains, 10 miles from magical, enchanting, and visually and aurally magnificent San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO World Treasure .
We enjoy 330 days of sunshine, with an average daily temperature of 80˚F, and a comfortable sleeping, night time temperature of 50˚F. Coyote's song under a starry sky, feasting round the bonfire, chatting about your day’s work along with other artists. Visit our Gallery

Every artist has a completely private Studio sunny and beautiful, with a lovely workspace, full kitchen, gardens, and ranch wide access to Internet.

Life at Summers Day Ranch, under the beautiful morning sun, is a fabulous place to get creative juices flowing.  Our gardens are Eden! This valley is magnificent. Our drinking water is absolutely pure. And the air as well. Summers Day Ranch is very special!

We invite every artist to share their work, and enjoy fireside conversation in the evening. Or have solitude as desired.

At Summers Day Ranch, producing art is not a pre-requisite, should an artist decide to rest, walk, read, and dream, ponder, it is all a celebrated part of the creative process, and we understand that: we want each artist to have the rich, soul-feeding time that fits THEM!
That is what we, at Summers Day Ranch, are about.

Residency  Reservations:
Studio Space at Summers Day Ranch is booked on first come, first serve basis.
We request payment of a deposit, through PayPal, for half of the fees to reserve a space and dates with us. This deposit is not refundable, but may be applied towards a visit at a later date. The remainder is payable upon arrival. We accept reservations year-round.

Best prices for air travel may be found on Travelocity, Expedia, Cheap Tickets, or Kayak for flights on United and American Airlines, flying out of Houston and Dallas, respectively, to Leon, Queretaro, or Mexico City. Travel distance from Leon is 1 ½ hours, from Querétaro 1 hour, from Mexico City, 4 hours.
Vehicles may be rented either at the airports, or after arrival, in San Miguel Centro.
There is an airport shuttle from Leon, (airport code, BJX), and Mexico City (MEX);  or a bus may be taken from Mexico City to San Miguel or Querétaro, where we will pick you up. We take artists into town regularly to shop for food and enjoy Centro.

In Mexico, our lives are blessed by so many things, the obvious is sunshine, and the people!
Next is the scrumptious, plentiful and inexpensive fresh food!
Tuesday and Sunday are the local vendors Market, the Tianguis, for beautiful fresh produce, and outrageously good snacks! Plus San Miguel has a magnificent Mercado, with absolutely EVERYTHING - and a splendid ongoing Artisan's Market.
There are also 3 large modern grocery stores, 4 small "health food" and organic food shops and an Organic Local Farmer's Market in Centro on Saturdays.
There are many delicious bakeries and restaurants, as well!
We stock condiments in each casita kitchen, and each has a full size refrigerator, stove, oven,  toaster, blender, coffee maker and grinder, plus dishes, glasses, cookware, etc.

Studio 2:
This is a delightfully furnished 1100 sq ft  2 bedroom Studio, with a huge multi-purpose kitchen, a dining area, and a great lounge-y living area; it is a large open well-lit space, delightful for artists working in any medium! This space has internet access, a large collection of books and videos, is suitable for painting, yoga and dance, music, sculpture, ceramic, mixed media, and fabric arts. The bedrooms each have a double bed, are ultra-comfortable, and share a bathroom with a shower. Spectacular sunset views, full access to the gardens, and sweet little fenced Moonview porch for your pet and a front porch.

Live in Studio:

Art In The Garden
Our Studio is newly built.  It is for the serious artist, 600 Square Feet live in studio, go ahead get the floors dirty, fall into bed after a rewarding day the studio offers a fabulous opportunity to experience the seasons, solitude and your Art...at your place.

San Miguel de Allende, ancient and magical, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and rated by Condé Nast as one of the 4 best cities to live in the world; our town has been an international artist haven for well over 60 years, and inspiration is everywhere.  
The local bus to town, which leaves every hour and a half for town, stops just outside the Farm driveway - for a $1! We can recommend an excellent driver to hire for sightseeing and touring, for a nominal fee. We also have local contacts for horseback riding, and balloon rides;  we have many favorite spots we can share!

At the Ranch we have a high speed internet connection.

Please feel free to contact us; email is best, to arrange your stay or ask any questions.

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