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We cater to Snowbirds in the winter, Sweatbirds in the summer ......people escaping oppressive heat of the deep southern climates retirees, seniors, elders, couples, single travelers, men,  writers, photographers, painters, anyone who is looking for the peace from a rural experience. Bring your stories ..every story paints some new color to our ever changing canvas at the ranch..we are all richer for the experience.

Pictures courtesy of Irina Karchan

​Flaming flowers that brightly blaze

       We Have Winter and Spring Availability

Ranch Vacations

Summers Day Ranch

 Shadows on the hills

Starry Starry Nights... Summers Day

Starry, starry night

Paint your palette blue and grey

look out on a Summers Day

You May Be Awestruck

....by the raw and ancient beauty that resides here, a place untouched by time, a place where fields are still ploughed by oxen, a place where people still nod in mutual greeting and respect, a place where the sun goes down slow and vivid, and in the evening there is a magnificent stillness, the sky is black velvet and the stars shine extraordinary bright. Around our camp fire, an interesting breeze is always aloft, and you never know what thoughts may be drifting, swirling in, a place where you can think, a place where you can find your place, in your own life, in your own journey.

Summers Day Ranch is a haven for those seeking the peace and serenity of the rural landscape. We are located a short 20 minute drive from San Miguel de Allende.
Artists if you would like information it is available on our Artist Residency page.

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